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Dramatic music, daredevil lifts and dangerous twists:   Martin and Marielle’s Britain’s Got Talent audition had it all. The Dutch duo, who have been dancing together for almost   two years, wowed the judges with their gravity -defying routine – a breath of fresh air after a string of lacklustre   dance acts.  Alesha could not praise Martin and Marielle highly enough, telling the pair: “Guys, I absolutely loved it. It was dangerous,   thrilling, it was exciting and from beginning to end, it was so entertaining.  “You’re just mesmerising to watch,   I’m so glad you entered the competition. A great, great audition.” David quipped: “You reminded me a lot of me and Simon. When we first met, he used to throw me around like that, he doesn’t bother anymore.  “It was fantastic, great choice of music, it was really, really compelling throughout and I really think you’ve got a place in this competition.   Well done.” Amanda added: “It was sexy and exciting and dramatic. I mean, you threw her around like my daughter throws her Barbies   around the bedroom. It was incredible.” Pleased that the duo chose Britain’s Got Talent to showcase their act,   Simon said: “I’ve always said this, we always welcome everyone from around the world in this competition and I think we’re very lucky to   have you audition on this show because that’s honestly one of the   best things I’ve seen on this show.”  Watch the video above to see if Martin and Marielle reach the dizzying heights of success 
Britain’s Got Talent: Martin and Marielle reach dizzying heights
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zo 05 mei 2013, 10:21 "Het beste wat ik ooit in deze show heb gezien" Simon Cowell enthousiast over Nederlands dansduo  De Telegraaf  Click Here